Morning fishing

Kailua Kona Sport Fishing

The best fishing in the world! If you haven’t tried Fishing the open sea, you owe it to yourself! Marlin and Mahi Mahi fishing has been great this year off of the Kona gold coast! There are estimates to be around 300 catches of Blue Marlin about 500 Mahi Mahi and Sail fish are doing great this year! Recent angler’s catch reports are showing tuna, blue marlin, bigeye skipjack,striped marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, ono and shortbill spearfish.

Weather you’re going for a big Mahi-Mahi or a huge Marlin, you’re going to love your experience charter fishing here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii! The trip usually starts out of the harbor headed either north or south along the “Ono Lane”. The Ono Lane is actually between 50 and 100′ depth of water that runs along the Kona Coast about 100′ to 200′ from shore. The boat will travel about 7 knots. If you are heading south, some fisherman will head west at Keauhou bay to what is referred to as C Buoy. C Buoy is basically a Buoy that is about 7 feet across about 2 miles out. The buoy attracts small fish that attract bigger fish that will eventually lead up to the monsters that eat them all! Many times you will see porpoises and sea gulls fishing in groups. (that where the little fish are and the big ones that eat them!) After you fish for a few hours you’ll head back to the Ono Lane for what could be a lucky catch!

Blue Marlin are caught several ways, sometimes slow troll live baits and sometimes look downs to entice these monsters to take a bite! The most traditional  success with Marlin, when heading out to the buoy is pulling plastic lures! Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling the Ono Lane, while heading out to the buoy and while you’re there! Captains travel long distances all day at around 7-11 knots trying to find a nibble from one of these big boys!